First online re-sales forum

On Thursday, 9 Apr GPSV hosted its first online re-sales forum, to which we invited some of our local authority and commercial fleet management company clients. It was a useful session, in which people shared their current experiences and issues, for the benefit of everyone. We had a wide-ranging discussion which raised a number of issues for local authorities, managing services during the current ‘response’ phase of the coronavirus crisis and which included re-prioritisation of services and the temporary re-deployment of people and vehicles, the close management of workshop capacity and concern about potential spares availability, and the likely disruption to fleet replacement plans through delay in manufacturers deploying new vehicles. Private sector clients were most dramatically affected by the sudden shut down of small and medium sized business – notably the construction industry – and by the extent to which some of their clients’ financial leverage that had rendered them especially vulnerable. All had been variously affected by staff furlough and sickness and the need to adapt to social distancing measures.

There was a wide range of views about what the next phase of the crisis might look like, and what to expect as lockdown begins to ease. There was optimism from some that smaller firms would be quickly back into business, driven by financial necessity. Others felt that it could be months before a semblance of normality resumed in both local authority service provision and commercial activity.

The GPSV team would like to thank everyone for taking part and sharing their experiences and thoughts. We look forward to hosting our next session – provisionally planned for Thu, 23 Apr – St George’s Day!

In the meantime, GPSV remains open for business: our online auctions and direct sales continue, we are ready to help clear your yard whenever you need it, and we can support you with re-sales prices projections and valuations as you adapt your fleet replacement plans. We look forward to continuing to work with you and helping to chart our collective way through the crisis.