Recycling Plant – from Grangemouth, Scotland

Counting & Sorting Line.

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Turmec planned, designed, manufactured, and installed the equipment at the Grangemouth site where this equipment has come from. It has never been used, and was removed prior to operations commencing.

Turmec, originally specialising in general engineering, has evolved to design, manufacture and install market‐leading, cost‐effective, and high‐quality facilities for customers in the recycling industry across varying streams including construction & demolition; commercial & industrial, municipal solid waste; energy from waste; incinerator bottom ash; dry mixed recyclables; RDF/SRF fuel preparation; glass; compost; plastics and fines treatment.

Plant Layout


Process Description

The counted glass bottles and PET are collected by Slat Conveyors, with the glass being conveyed into storage bay for stockpiling and the PET is conveyed to Automatic / Reversible Bunkers.

Automatic Bunker System
These bunkers (Steel, Aluminium, PET Natural & PET Jazz) all have a number of degrees of flexibility to them. All bunkers will be fitted with VSD drives. This allows the speed at which they fill and empty to be adjusted. This will be significant when/if the material composition entering the plant changes overtime. The bunkers are also equipped with fill sensors. Once the material reaches a certain height, the bunker will shuttle in reverse, and start filling a different section of the bunker. All bunkers under normal operation are fed to the front. This allows each bunker to fill in reverse. Once the bunker is full, the bunker gates open, and the bunker discharges the material forward onto the slat conveyors.

The slat conveyors feeding each baler are equipped with a VSD drive. This allows the speed of the conveyors to be adjusted when feeding different materials to the baler. The baler will determine the speed of which each conveyor feeds it. The balers have adjustability on the throughput of the baler and the bale length. The bale length can be increased or decreased depending on transport arrangements. This is all done at a local touchscreen interface.

Twin Ram Baler
The material goes for storage or onto baling. The proposed baler is a Twin Ram fully automatic baler with wire tying system. With no contamination when switching materials, the CK Twin Ram is the ideal baler for processing multiple waste streams. It helps you achieve high levels of purity, sell a wide range of materials, and demand better premiums. The CKTR82 is a fully automatic twin‐ram baler designed to produce high density bales. CK International are renowned for their robust build quality. Moreover, the multiple material baler produces a standard mill size bale, optimising the space in a shipping container and maximising the payload. In addition, the CKTR82 offers exceptional versatility in the range of materials it can bale.

Turmec Heavy Duty/ Standard & Light Modular Conveyors
Turmec heavy duty conveyors, fully skirted and fitted with rubber. The conveyors are also slightly troughed in shape to ensure the containment of the waste in the middle of the belt.

Turmec’s Heavy Duty modular conveyor’s come with the following specifications.

  • Scrapers: Turmec Belt Cleaners
  • Reducers: Brevini, STM Gearbox
  • Motors: Energy Efficient IE3 Motors
  • Belts: EP400/500 3 Ply Oil resistant Belting
  • Bearings: FYH Mounted Bearing Units – UCPX18
  • Return Rollers: Turmec Disk Rollers

3D images of Turmec’s Heavy‐Duty Modular Conveyor with Impact Plate Tail Section

Conveyor Breakdown

  1. Head Drum with Taper Lock Shaft.
  2. Motor and Gearbox.
  3. Head Drum Bearing.
  4. External Scraper.
  5. Top Roller.
  6. Heavy Duty Skirting Rubber.
  7. Return Roller – Self Cleaning Disk Roller.
  8. Impact Plate – 12mm Mild Steel Plate.
  9. Impact Plastic – Steel impact plate fitted with 15mm UMH High Wear Impact Plastic.
  10. Tail Drum with Taper Lock Shaft
  11. Internal Scraper.
  12. Tail Drum Bearing.
  13. Tail Drum Safety guard.
  14. Conveyor Belt.
  15. Return Roller Safety Guard.
  16. Modular Conveyor Section.
  17. Bearing Safety Guard.


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