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AVANT E6 – Full Electric Compact Loader

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New 2021 AVANT E6 Compact Loader

E series

Perfect for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions
Avant was the first manufacturer to introduce a full-electric, battery-powered compact loader series to the market. Full electric loader with zero-emission and extremely low noise is the answer to future demands. Although the e series is electric it offers the same power and properties as the Avant 500 series which is equipped with a diesel engine.

Full-electric model, the Avant e6 – integrated battery charger as standard, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 230 volt / 10A power outlet is available.

Avant e6 is the first compact loader with a lithium-ion battery. The e6 can be fully charged in just over an hour (with Fast Charge) and you can operate between two to four hours with a full battery. The short charge time will practically allow you to work a full work day with e6 because you can charge the battery during your lunch break to full again.

  • Lift capacity 900 kg
  • Lift height 2.8 m
  • Battery capacity 13.6-13.8 kWh
  • Speed 0-10 km/h
  • Battery-driven, 100% full electric
  • No exhaust emissions, very low noise, built-in battery charger

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